Planning for Digital Projects in the Classroom

Decision points

  • Threshold concepts?
  • Learning goals?
  • Digitally inflected courses or fully digital courses?
  • Discrete units or a snowball project?
  • Committee of the whole, Groups, or Individual?

Timing and scope

  • 15 week semester: what can you expect?
  • Trade-offs: to add digital assignments, you need to take something away

Teaching new skills

  1. Observation time (in class demos/tutorials)
  2. Experimentation time (in an assignment)
  3. Activation time (within the context of a project)

Technical support

  1. Documentation
  2. Google
  3. Other students
  4. Questions (Email, Slack, Chat)
  5. Office Hours

Planning for large projects

  • Project Contracts
  • Work plans (Deliverables, Milestones, To-Dos)
  • Feedback loops


  • Decide together what makes for a successful project
  • Rubric for the final product
  • Evaluation of the process